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Team coaching

Whether it means remaining within the budget, keeping on schedule or maintaining a standard of quality throughout the entire production, an essential factor in making a film is that the crew works well together. Experience shows us that in all teams there are blocks of unused energy and this equates to unused effectiveness, communication, cooperation and creativity. The goal of our training is to tap these unused resources for the entire team as soon as possible and improve team collaboration. There are two types of team-coaching:

1. Team building

Generally, a new crew is put together for every film. Every crew is a team that goes through certain phases on the interpersonal level before it reaches its full performance capacity and actually achieves flow. This process of team building should really take place before filming begins, giving the team a chance to learn how to independently and efficiently deal with stressful situations so that the team begins to work efficiently right from the start. This saves time. Time that would otherwise be lost through conflict - and time of course means money.

2. Team development

In some cases the team is already familiar with itself and has a history in which, parallel to the real work, informal roles and relationships have developed. The method of systemic team development can make secret rules of the game, misunderstandings and resistance clear to team members. What once blocked the work process is now integrated and thus becomes a new resource for constructive collaboration. The team learns to direct its energy towards achieving its common goal. The effectiveness and the capacity to flexibly react to change, increases as does the general well being of all involved. The process of team development enables the team to independently learn for itself how to optimize its collaboration.  

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