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Script constellations can help determine the future course of the story, which is especially helpful and inspiring for projects in early stages of development. The script constellation's major advantage is that it provides experimentation in almost limitless variation. In this way, you can effectively choose the strongest dynamic that most optimizes the story. In a more advanced stage of script development, you can look at subplots or give your actors a chance to feel into their character. In constellations for documentary projects we can look at the system of the protagonists and find out about their 'hidden agenda' and your role in that system.

Questions a constellation can help you answer (Fiction):

- Are the characters in the right relationship to one another?
- Is the plot psychologically believable?
- Is a character strong and strong enough in relationship to other
- Is a particular character missing?
- Are characters superfluous?
- At which point in the story is more or less conflict necessary?
- Where does the focus slip from the main plot to the subplot,
  i.e. does the spine of the story crumble?
- Does the ending work? (Especially for the intended target
- Examination of individual characters and subplots
- Examination of individual sequences or scenes.
- Does the story connect to my intended audience?
- How do I grab and hold the audience's attention?

Questions a constellation can help you answer (Documentary):

- Where lies the focus of my film?
- What is it about (theme)?
- What is my motivation for dealing with it?
- What kind of system am I entering?
- What is my (mostly hidden) role in that system?
- Who are my protagonists and how do they relate to each other...
  ...and to me?
- How many protagonists does the film need?
- What are the underlying conflicts?
- What is my attitude towards my protagonists?
- How do I approach them and how do they need to be approached?
- How do I manage to keep my distance (now and afterwards)?
- Does the story connect to my intended audience?
- How do I grab and hold the audience's attention?

All workshops include a limited amount of script consultation before, during and after the constellation.


Participants without their own projects

Script constellations are also beneficial for participants without their own projects. Script constellations are a source of inspiration for one's own creativity, and a direct, experiential journey into how drama works.


Individual script constellations

In addition to group seminars, we also offer private script constella- tions. Participants either bring along their own group of people or we place marks on the floor to represent the characters /elements of the story. The author then puts himself in the relevant positions in order to understand and feel the relationship dynamics.  

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