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Organizational Constellations

Anyone who has ever experienced a script constellation knows that a good constellation can enhance development. Less well known is that organizational constellations very often offer surprising solutions to problems concerning financing, marketing and crew-related issues.

The team of director, writer, producer, investor, studio executive, actors and crewmembers are all woven into a complicated tangle of relationships while making a film. Each individual has his own agenda, such as guarantying his place in life, personal development and other goals. When these aspects are not in balance, the subsequent successful cooperation and flow are jeopardized. Organizational constellations show us ways in which the interests of the entire team can be brought into balance, thereby laying the basis for common success.

Organizational constellations have been successfully used for many years in business. This has especially been the case for institutions in which mostly talk-oriented attempts at problem solving have not led to satisfactory results. Constellations get to the core of the problem quickly. They let us experience alternate life-scenarios and thus provide us with reasonable solutions. Projects are carried out more efficiently and with timely intervention, measures can even be taken to prevent failure.

Possible themes for a constellation:

- Choice and marketing of projects
- Finding investment partners
- Solving differing interests of cooperating partners
- Optimizing the production crew's efficiency
- Conflict management / Trouble shooting
- Casting

The visualized spatial relationships set up in a constellation are so memorable for the client because he can watch them from the outside first and towards the end, step inside and feel his natural position within the constellation. In the process, rational analysis is combined with direct, sensory perception.  

It is very moving to see a participant finally position himself in his proper place within the resolving picture. Through this he soaks up energy, and feeling connected to the entire process, looks confidently into the future.

If confidentiality is required, there is always the possibility of a 'concealed' constellation which means that the theme and those involved are not named publicly. The concealed constellation can also be used in context of a script constellation.

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